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September 07 2012

@themaili I think you did. /hugs It's hard to juggle major time commitments. It's harder to have to choose which one to focus on

August 29 2012

The best personals ad ever. EVER. Ladies? Date this young man. http://t.co/Syq3Hh3G

August 28 2012

Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful; provided you get between the right man and the right woman. #Polyamory
I wonder if this #savages tweet thing at the #savages preview is just a ploy to get #savages trending? I haven’t had cab #sav for #ages

August 17 2012

Seattle peeps! Any orchestral musicians want to be in a music video? U dont have to rip on ur instrument but should be able to read. Aug 24!

August 16 2012

Can someone please explain to me why polygamous marriages are illegal? Seriously? Cheating is legal, but consenting polyamory isn't? #WTF

August 07 2012

I think we do ourselves a disservice by attempting to put a cap on our capacity to love and be loved. #polyandproud
Just be honest and say "I believe that a strong relationship is limited to 2 people and/or I have a tendency to be jealous and insecure"
It's really fucked up when ppl say "I can't be polyamorous because I don't like sharing". You realize you're with a person, not a toy right?

August 06 2012

We're live! The #PolyAnd Series starts w/ @Midknightcreate's discussion on POCs in the poly community. Check it! http://t.co/D9EY8z9C
Je sais que tu as peur que je t'oublie dans les bras d'une autre. Ça n'arrivera jamais. #Polyamour
This is a screenshot of the headlines that prompted the last tweet: http://t.co/bz0X6leR
NBC: “…scores touchdown on Mars” ABC: “…Rover Comes in for Landing…” FOX: “…lands on Mars after plummet” With Fox, everything is a failure.
It once was one small step... now it's six big wheels. Here's a look at one of them on the soil of Mars #MSL http://t.co/uzO99NZz
Oh science, I could kiss you with tongue right now. #marscuriosity
to put this in perspective, only 130 years ago we just figured out how to use radio messages to communicate over distance of 2 meters.
So incredible to be a part of this team and all that we've accomplished. Impossible not to be an emotional wreck. #msl #jpl #nasa #curiosity
No photo or it didn't happen? Well lookee here, I'm casting a shadow on the ground in Mars' Gale crater #MSL http://t.co/cj1zFJty
We would also still love to hear from a #NativeAmerican #Poly perspective if anyone has time to submit before the end of this week! Plz RT!

August 03 2012

Don't you hate when you're trying to sleep and your dreams are like: "DON'T FORGET! HERE IS EVERYTHING YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT." #justme?
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